Aro 240 (1982-1986)

ARO 244

Maximum Speed- 71mph 0-60mph- 30 Seconds
Cylinders In-Line 4 Engine Capacity 2660cc
BHP- 130 RPM- 4000
Number Built- Still in production Country Built- Romania

This unusual car was briefly marketed in the UK during the 1980s, though dates back to 1966 in Romania! There are many different models on offer just in the 200 series range e.g. 240, 243, 244 you get the picture! The slightly smaller ARO 10 bares a striking resemblance to the Dacia Duster - well that's because it is a Dacia Duster (basically). This car, the 240 is (to put it simply) big. Maybe one day I'll park one next to a Jimp to demonstrate this size difference. Bet you've never seen one - unless you travel to Eastern Europe or that area at least. In short the ARO 240 is just a tarted up military vehicle, so...

ARO-240 - Two door station wagon

ARO-244 -Four door station wagon

ARO-242 [Long] - Long wheelbase pick-up version

ARO-242 [Short] - Short wheelbase pick-up

ARO-243 [Hard-top] - 3 door hard-top version

ARO-243 [Soft-top] - 3 door soft-top

ARO-244 aka Forestor - 3-door station wagon version

ARO-246 - Long wheelbase 3-door station wagon version

ARO-320 - Pick-up

ARO-323 - Long wheelbase 3-door station wagon version

ARO-324 - Double cab version

ARO-335 - Long wheelbase 3-door station wagon version

Hunter - Cosworth powered luxury version

Hisparo - Version produced in Spain

Portaro - Version produced in Portugal