Austin/Morris Mini Pickup (1961-1969)

Austin-Morris Mini Pickup

Maximum Speed- 70mph 0-60mph- 33.8 Seconds
Cylinders In-Line 4 Engine Capacity 848cc
BHP- 34 RPM- 5500
Number Built- 31,500 (Approximately) Country Built- U.K.

As with the Moke you could buy this car badged as either an Austin or a Morris. Austin Sold approximately 18,000 Mini Pickups whereas Morris sold 13,500. These cars as with most you'll see on this website are classed as rare but selling over 30,000 means it looses as far as exclusivity goes. The history of the Mini is pretty sketchy, but let's get one thing straight: Minis were badged either Austin or Morris until 1969; thereafter they were just badged as Minis. When you see Mini you instantly think million seller but there is surprisingly limited information available on this particular model. Is it better than a Jimp? I'm sure it is but I wont be swapping mine in a hurry! Next...