Austin/Morris Mini Moke (1964-1968)

Austin Mini Moke

Maximum Speed- 65mph 0-60mph- 21.8 Seconds
Cylinders In-Line 4 Engine Capacity 848cc
BHP- 34 RPM- 5500
Number Built- 14,518 Country Built- U.K.

OK, this is a good start; whether it's the Austin or Morris version the car's not going to be your average person's everyday run around. The Moke is built out of mild steel unlike the Jimp, wich has an aluminium body. Bodywork is definitely an issue and like the Jimp will have to be hand made in order for a full restoration. But is it better than a Jimp? Well there are more Mokes about, they were built and sold in a number of different countries and most people have heard of them so sorry Moke, you loose! I gotta get me one though!!