Auverland A3 (1984-Date)

Auverland A3

Maximum Speed- 87mph 0-60mph- 18 Seconds
Cylinders In-Line 4 Engine Capacity 1905cc
BHP- 65 RPM- 4600
Number Built- Still in production Country Built- France

This car is in quite a different class to the Mini pick-up or the Mini Moke it's in this collection because it is extremely scarce in the UK so at least it has one thing in common with the Jimp. It uses the renowned Peugeot XUD.9 Diesel engine. It's also quite suited to going off road. It's a lot bigger and a lot less quirky than the Jimp as you can see in the picture, so guess which one wins. C'mon you should know me by now - the Jimp! Oh it comes in many different shapes and guises inluding a hard-top.