PK Jimp - Specifications

Maximum Speed- 70mph 0-60mph- 20 seconds
Cylinders In-Line 4 Engine Capacity 848cc
BHP- 40 RPM- 5500
Torque- 46lb ft @ 3500RPM Compression Ratio- 9.5:1
Bore- 62.5mm Stroke- 69.09mm
Firing Order- 1,3,4,2 Fuel Grade- 4 Star*
Carburettor Type- SU Semi-downdrought Gear Box- 4 Speed
Gear Ratio 4th- 1.00:1 Gear Ratio 3rd- 1.32:1
Gear Ratio 2nd 2.05:1 Gear Ratio 1st 3.88:1
Gear Ratio Reverse- 3.25:1 Syncromesh- All forward gears
Price Now- GBP250 - GBP2,000 Price New- GBP880 Plus VAT
Length- 335cm Width- 139cm
Height- 147cm Wheelbase- 215cm
Weight- 550kg - -
Track Rear- 125cm Track Front- 123cm
Turning Circle- 7.62m Load Area Capacity- 1.36cu.m
Wheel Size Front 10/12in Wheel Size Rear 10/12in
Ground Clearance- Diff: 12.7cm (Laden) Ground Clearance- Sump: 22.9cm (Laden)
Fuel Tank Capacity- 27.3l (6 gallons) Fuel Economy- 50 mpg
Suspension Front- Coil Springs Suspension Rear- Leaf Springs
Steering- Rack and Pinion Clutch- 158.8mm Single Dry Plate
Ignition- 12v Battery and Coil Drive Train- Rear wheel drive
Brakes Front- Drum Brakes Rear- Drum
Chassis Construction- Galvanised Steel Box section Body Construction- Steel framed aluminium, Fibreglass Roof
Floor Construction- Wood Number Of Seats- 2
Number Built- 67? Built- Sandbach, Cheshire, UK

*Due to having hardened valve seats, most Reliant engines appear to run fine on unleaded petrol with no modifications or additives.

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